Electronic – Get The Message Double Vinyl


Get The Message Double Vinyl – Electronic Vinyl from Vinyl Records London

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Electronic are proud to announce the release of ‘Get the Message The Best Of Electronic’ on vinyl for the first time, available via Parlophone on 29th September. First released in 2006, ‘Get the Message The Best Of Electronic’ is the career spanning collection from the Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner band who released a string of critically acclaimed hits including their debut single ‘Getting Away With It’, ‘Get The Message’ ‘Disappointed’ and ‘Feel Every Beat’. This compilation captures the very essence of their groundbreaking sound, blending Marr’s distinctive guitar work with Sumner’s vocals and guest features from Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant Getting Away With It, Disappointed and Kraftwerk’s Karl Bartos For You, Imitation Of Life. Electronic Vinyl is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £30

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