Basement Jaxx – Remedy-Rooty ColouRed-Vinyl Bundle


Remedy-Rooty ColouRed-Vinyl Bundle – Basement Jaxx new Bundle In Stock from Vinyl Records London

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Named after their infamous Brixton club night, Basement Jaxxs second album Rooty saw Basement Jaxx continue to push the boundaries of pop and club music. The album mixes classic house with generous lashings of punk, funk, RampB, jazz, hiphop, 2step and pop songcraft in a mad genre crash that works like a charm. It features the massive tracks Wheres Your Head At, Romeo and Do Your Thing.Remedy is Basement Jaxxs joyous debut album from 1999. It was one of the most assured, propulsive full lengths the dance world had seen since Daft Punks Homework. A set of incredibly diverse tracks, Remedy is indebted to the raw American house of Todd Terry and Masters at Work, and even shares a penchant for Latin vibes especially on the horndriven Bingo Bango and the opener, RendezVu, which trades a bit of salsa wiggle with infectious vocoderized disco. Basement Jaxx Bundle is available for home delivery from Vinyl Records London, only £58 +P&P

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